Guide to modern car servicing

In recent years vehicle manufacturers have produced ever more complex and complicated cars. Although the technology of modern engines has advanced, so have the serviceable items fitted to them. It is now common practice for a service to compromise of only an oil and filter to be changed yearly and items such as fuel filters, spark plugs and air filters have an extended service life, usually up to four years

We will advise you of any additional requirements for your car based on your cars age, mileage and previous service history

We will keep things simple and honest, in language anyone can understand, there is no veil of secrecy to fool customers into thinking what we do is complicated - it's not

Car servicing is now much cheaper for those in the know. Thanks to European legislation you no longer have to be tied to the high manufacturer service costs dictated by your main dealer. in October 2003 new European legislation affecting the motor industry came in to force called block exemption regulation (BER) and this means you can book your next service with us and make big savings without affecting you warranty.

As more and more people are now --in the know-- many many dealers and national retailers have enticed customers with low price service offers and free safety checks. These offers and checks are often followed by a phone call to you with a list of problems... Most dealers operate bonus incentive schemes that encourage them to sell. These questionable practices leave you with a choice: -

  1. Agree to the work and a large invoice
  2. Say no but worry your car may not be roadworthy
  3. Book a service with us

Have your car serviced with and have no worries and no hassle

We will carry out a thorough and meticulous check of your car and report any findings to you when you pick the car up leaving you to decide when it's done, by who and how much you pay to have any work done - no hassle

We setup in business to generate long term loyalty from you. We want you to choose us every time

The Guarantee

We only use the best products from Shell, Mann and many other, equally reputable, manufacturers - and we never substitute with cheap alternatives. Anything we put in (or on) your vehicle will be at least as good (often exceeded) as your vehicle manufacturers recommendations